Cinema 4d 9.012 for mac-intel (year 2004)

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Cinema 4d 9.012 for mac-intel (year 2004)

I had a magazine of 2004, Applicando.
This is the italian magazine about mac.
In this magazine there was a cd rom with a demo copy of Maxon's Cinema 4d rel. 9.012; this sw was already optimized for intel processor.
This means that the rendering on the new mac pro is more or less 30 times faster than the same version for PPC processors.
But at that time nobody was talking about mac-intel; even Maxon officialy started to distribte U.B.-versions of this software with version 9.6; mac-intel "didn't exist" at that time.
No release in between had this feature (being optimized for mac-intel); it means that they removed the "bug".
The sw I have officialy doesn't exist; if you have an original cd rom with the sw you wouldn't be able to install a version optimized for mac-intel because you would find just the PPC version running on mac-intel (slower 30 times).
This version of the release I have was just an experiment maybe.
When time is money I garantee that there are many scenarios where this thing could create problems...
Somebody knows about this story?