Apple II Joystick Question....

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Apple II Joystick Question....

hey all........ is it possible , to rig up a adapter for an Apple II joystick that works on a IIE or IIC , to work in a Apple II PLUS? I checked ebay , and alot of the joysticks now are IIE or IIC , would be nice to get one working on one of my II PLUS's..........



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Do you want to build one of t

Do you want to build one of these?;L1581;17

Here's the FAQ with DB9 and DIP pinouts:
(look for "Apple II Joystick")

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joystick question

I have seen and item called a "paddle adapple", which comes in several differernt configurations. I have one that has a 16 pin ribbon cable that plus into the connector on an Apple ][/][+ board and then runs out the back to a smaller board with two din9 connectors and a switch. This allows you to plug in two //e style joysticks and switch between them. I have seen these around on Ebay from time to time.

Hope this helps,

Chris S.

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