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Help with lombard

As some of you may be aware, i have been having problems with my Lombard (400MHz). It wont turn on.

I've removed all power from it (battery, power adapter, and pram battery all removed) and held down the reset button. Now, when i plug it in the green sleep light comes on and stays on, and the HD spins up. nothing else happens. Holding the reset button results in a single blink of the light on release. The power button is unresponsive.

I will be eternally grateful to anyone who can help me get this machine working again.

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Service Manual info

This info is from my G3 Pismo Service Manual.

Computer won’t power up

1. Restart computer by pressing the reset button on the back of
the unit. Wait five seconds and press the Power key.
2. Try known-good power adapter.
3. Try known-good, firmly seated, charged battery. Repeat.
4. Connect power adapter and restart computer in 3-4 minutes.
5. Disconnect internal keyboard completely and try powering up
unit. If unit powers up, replace keyboard.
6. Verify microprocessor card is firmly seated.
7. Replace sound card.
8. Replace power supply card.
9. Replace microprocessor board.
10. Replace I/O logic board.

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