The A-One Review

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The A-One Review

The Apple I Replica aka The A-One is a perfect "replica" of the original Apple I distribute by Achatz Electronics in The Netherlands, really "cozy" for me because i live in Italy Smile

The A-One can be order in two packages; in kit (what i did) or fully built and tested, this if you have no skills of electronic building ...

The PCB has an industrial look, it's been designed with accuracy and all the chips fit in 16 x 10 cm space, very Hi-Tech. The Rom on board has also built in the A1-assembler, Woz-Basic and Krusader ready for use, these "plus" gives you a quick play with the A-One with no loading code i.e. from the Terminal.

The A-One permits the user to set 2 different map memories,

1- 32K of Ram (my choice)
2 - 4k of Ram like the original Apple I

the choose is obvious, but if you want to keep an "original feel", you can set the 4K-

there is also a selection via jumper of the frame rate, 50 or 60 Hz.

Well, i don't know what a Real Apple I feels like, but this A-one gives you a dam good feeling of what the Apple I was,
the text output and the scrolling is a real fly back to the '70's. The output quality is awesome, i did my first boot on my 8 year old 29" CRT Tv set, i was wondering if it was connected via VGA o Composite ..., the letters on the screen where so clean an crisp, even the geometry output was perfect.

I tested to the A-One RS232 with my iMac / ZTerm, it was straightforward, i downloaded the Basic Program that i wrote on it to the Mac, the amazing thing is watching the two screens scrolling at the same time, unbelievable moment.

The A-One also supports an NVRAM, so the program the you write on it wont be lost after you pull down the power.
"I have ordered my NVRAM already, i cant wait to put it in ..."

The A-One is a great Replica, it brings you back to the first home brewing computers for those like me, missed the first computer era, where all the machines had there on personality with a heart and soul.


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Small correction


You misunderstood the idea about the 2 memory maps.

One map is 32k RAM and 32k ROM.
The other map is almost the same, only bank $6xxx is moved up to bank $Exxx, which allows you to load programs in RAM there. So you'll still have 32k RAM in this situation, only it's a bit scattered around. RAM now runs from $0000 until $5FFF, from $7000 to $7FFF and from $E000 and $EFFF.

San Bergmans

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Thanks San, sorry for my misu

Thanks San, sorry for my misunderstanding!!!!

P.S. you have done a great job on the A-One too.


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