[FS] PowerBook G3 Parts

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[FS] PowerBook G3 Parts

[FS] PowerBook G3 Parts

I just acquired a small package of PowerBook G3 Parts. Not sure if they are all for hte Wallstreet, but some may be for the Lombard or Pismo possibly.

All parts will range from $5 to $10 with the buyer paying the actual shipping.
Everything will be sold 'As Is'
If I am able to test and verify that the part does work the price will increase $5.

Here are a list of items I recall off the top of my head.
1) Ethernet Assembly - Either a Lombard/Pismo as the Wallstreet came on the MLB
2) Assorted Keys Caps/Assembly & Plungers (Wallstreet)
3) MLB (2 pieces) (Wallstreet)
4) PCMCIA Cage (Wallstreet)
5) Rear Port Cover/Door
6) Pair of Speakers
7) CD-ROM Face Place
Dirol Track Pad

- I saw the following items listed with a photograph and a different part number at an Apple Part Site but basically the same. I can provide the part number and a photo if you so desire.

9) Cable / Switch, Flex, Trackpad with metal bracket
10) Cable, Flex, Keyboard for G3 PowerBook Series>

As I've got no time right now to do any testing I will inform you the prices as you inquire about the. I give you the part humber and a photo if requested for you to research. Sold 'As Is'

Everything to be shipped USPS unless requested otherwise.
Contact me via PM if interested or at paypalsh at gmail dot com
as payments will be accepted via PayPal or USPS Money Order.