Where can I buy boot disks?

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Where can I buy boot disks?

I have an SE/30 which I updated years ago to System 7.6. Unfortunately this consumed all my hard disk space. Where can I purchase System 6.0.8 disks so I can free up disk space?

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You could, of course, just pu

You could, of course, just put in a larger harddrive instead. You wouldn't rather do that? 50pin SCSI harddrives are extremely cheap and easy to find. With a larger harddrive and enough RAM you could even move up to OS 8.

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boot disks


I think you mean SSW 7.5 and not OS 7.6 unless you swapped the ROM in that toaster. Bigger drive is definitely a better idea especially if you have more than 8MB of ram in there. You can also strip 7.5 by going to www.jagshouse.com and poking around the download opportunities. You want to go there to d/l SSW 6 as well. Just go there . . . you'll figure it out. Or go here: home.earthlink.net/~gamba2/


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