Power Supply questions - Quicksilver (2001) & blue/white g3

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Power Supply questions - Quicksilver (2001) & blue/white g3

hello all,

Could someone direct me to a source for the correct voltages for a Quicksilver power supply ATX pinouts.

At least the power supply "looks" similar to an ATX. I am trying to check that components have the correct supply voltages.

While on the power supply questions. I also have a old blue & white machine could someone post a link to converting these to run a standard PC ATX power supply.

Thanks & thanks to those who helped with the Q4 Quicksilver/firewire questions previously I really appreciated it.

Thanks in advance, jw

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B&W to ATX conversion

B&W to ATX conversion link here

Pinouts for various PSUs, including the Quicksilver, here

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