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Ebook help

Could u ppl help me? i want a site or software that gives free ebooks cause limewire doesnt giv good ebooks.
Basically for authors lie jef. archer, John Case, Darren Shan, etc please help me

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Put on your asbestos suit.

1. You posted in the wrong forum. Are you buying or selling something? No? Then why did you post your unrelated question in this forum?

2. Your post was made with errors like horrible spelling, grammar, (and instant messenger shorthand I might add)

3. You seem to be asking for help in downloading copyrighted works. This is just silly.

This is an old and respected forum for mac and pc people to get together and talk, interact, help each other. That said, you seem to be looking for a bittorrent or warez site. My advice for tons of free reading is your local public library. (Im not a big fan of reading books on the computer, gimme an analog book any day.)


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As commented above, no fishin

As commented above, no fishing for copyrighted works is allowed here.

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