editing vob files

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editing vob files

i have to edit some vob files and then re-burn the dvd without loss in video quality or any altering of the authoring of the dvd. i can NOT reauthor the dvd in any way. menus, subtitles, everything with the ifo's must remain untouched. i need a really simple process for editing the video and then just replacing the new vobs with the old ones in the video ts folder.

the length of the vob files will not be changed. editing includes filling slug in for deleted frames and censoring specific areas of certain frames. I assume i will need final cut and after effects, but if anyone knows any simpler routes; please inform me, as i would like to be able to do this as quickly as possible.

i'll try to figure out the video editing myself, but i really need help understanding the exporting. what to export vob to? how do i make sure it's the same quality, aspect ratio, relatively same file size when exported back to vob? how to do it? what programs to use? when i replace the old vob files with the new ones will all aspects of the original authoring still function flawlessly?

it would be great if there was a program where i could edit the vob files directly and they'll just overwrite themselves.


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VOB files are really just muxed mpeg2 files. Full screen DVD resolution is 720 x 480 (I think 720 x 404 is letterboxed). DV is also 720 x 480. That's source resolution, because some trickery displays those dimensions at 640 x 480.

- Mac the Ripper may be the best way to take your source off DVD to the hard drive for editing.
- QuickTime Pro with the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback component allows you to view the raw muxed mpegs, but I honestly don't know if it can edit and save it back in the same format. It can export to DV, which can then be used as source using DVD authoring software.

I've never heard of someone trying to do what you're trying to do... if you have rights to edit the DVD, why don't you have access to the source video? That's where it'd be easier to edit, and then re-author the DVD.

oh, yeah... I forgot. OS X will create a iso disk image in UDF that can be burned to a DVD and played in a player... but it might take some trial & error.
Once you have your VIDEO_TS folder set up on the hard drive, and it plays fine in DVD Player as a VIDEO_TS folder, you can drop it into a udf iso image with this command in Terminal:
hdiutil makehybrid -o TheFlick ~/Movies/TheFlick/ -udf

this will create a UDF .iso disk image "TheFlick.iso" of a fictitious movie's VIDEO_TS folder, assuming that VIDEO_TS folder is located ~/Movies/TheFlick/VIDEO_TS and there's nothing else in the folder ~/Movies/TheFlick

Disk Utility can burn it to DVD.

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