Is Sherlock 2 defunct?

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Is Sherlock 2 defunct?

so, I was showing my mother the wonder that is sherlock 3, and I got to thinking: wonder what can be found with sherlock 2? so I opened it up under OS 9, ran an internet search, and I got a dialog box i've never seen fefore: "A network error has occured." WTF?! I know I can connect to the internet just fine, as iCab works, as do all my other browsers.

so, I wonder, have the protocols changed over the years, or can it not work over wifi (airport)? I tried a hard connection, only to get the same message. perhaps someone has a hack that will restore functionality? the hard drive search still works, which is great, sans the annoying indexing.

this also happens under quicktime 4 when I try to watch one of the channels. what gives?

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