Very Impressed with Apple Support

On Tuesday my 15" Macbook Pro battery stopped charging. Fearing the worst, I kept it plugged in and let it sit overnight. On Wednesday, it still would not charge, so I started looking online for possible solutions. Finding nothing of much value, I decided to just call Apple.
After spending maybe 20 minutes on the phone with Rob, after doing an SMC reset, Rob set me up to have a new battery shipped to me for free.
I regretted not having it overnighted, because I do need my 'book for school and whatnot, and with no battery, its kinda difficult to use. However, when I woke up this morning, there was a brand new battery sitting on my doorstep.
I opened it up and it was a fully charged, apparently brand new battery with 0 cycles.


So its now charging and I am feeling much better about this whole situation. I understand that faulty products do happen, and I am just glad that Apple has dealt with this in a very timely and amicable fashion.


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...and call me crazy, but i think my new battery stays much cooler when it charges!

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Apple does not skimp on Shipping charges. That's why, when you send in a product, it only takes overnight/1-day to get it either to you, or to them. They do MUCH better tech-support than any other company I know. It's one of those little things it does to make customers keep coming back. I know my last apple iBook sucked, but they sure fixed the problems fast. I gotta congratulated apple on splendid service. They sure do a good job keeping people happy, even after a hardware failure that can crippled people from doing their work when they depend on apple's products