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iPod Collection

My iPod collection is nearly complete. I bought a 2nd gen today.
This means I have the one 2nd gen.
1 3rd gen.
two 4th gens.
4 5th gens.

Maybe one day I will find a first gen with the real scrolling scroll wheel. I'd also like to get my hands on an iPod touch but I'm not too worried about that now.

Macbook Pro, iBook Keys

Because I had nothing better to do today at work, I took all the letters and punctuation off an iBook keyboard I had lying around. I also used the tab, caps lock, return, etc. just so I could have the 3 rows completely white.

Theres actually a few benefits to doing this:
The ENTIRE key now glows when I turn on the keyboard light- it looks way cool!
For some reason these keys seem to be giving me a little more tactile feedback.

Back Online

After a while with no internet, I'm glad to be back.

I've finally got my first computer job!


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