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So I have a Job

As of today, I work at the Seaside Company, AKA the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California.
This is my first real job, I'm slightly scared.

Anyway, I'm real excited and I thought I'd share the news.

Quitting Smoking- Again

4th try. I'm 3 days into it. I've been sick. Thats most of the reason I decided to try, I really don't get cravings while dying from the flu. So its been about 3 days since my last smoke. And now, I'm getting better. The cravings are back. I feel like I'm dying. Bleh...

I got my license back.

My drivers license, that is. I'm pretty darn happy..I went to the pet store and got a couple of goldfish to celebrate.

[For those of you who don't know, my license was suspended due to a pretty major legal snafu, most of which wasn't my fault. Anyway, its all over now, so I can sit back and relax. Oh yeah, and drive places, too!]


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