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Posting from a Sony Ericsson with Opera Mini!

I was able to download and install Opera Mini on my Z500a, and now I can post to AF anywhere! I'm posting this right now from it.

I now work for Togo's Great Sandwiches.

I finally quit my job at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! Believe it or not, but that is a terrible place to work. I now work at the Togo's in Watsonville, CA, and that is a much, much more enjoyable job. I just need to eat before I go to work! Wink

Job, gas, and other worries.

So life's kinda hectic lately. I got a job, at the Boardwalk, working weekends for $7.25 an hour. So I get to drive somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 miles a week. Thats insane. Plus, I go to Castroville almost every Saturday, and most Sundays, too. Jeez. I have $20 in the bank. It costs me more than that to fill up my tank. I have half a tank left. I think I'm going to need to either a) borrow money from the parents, or b) not drive to school, only to work, and to do stuff otherwise, and get a ride from the parents to/from school.


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