aluminum pb g4 fan issue

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aluminum pb g4 fan issue

do the fans on the 15" alum powerbook g4 just die or would there be n issue that causes their death?
how do i know they are actually dead?
are they supposed to turn on and run from atrt-up, or do they start as soon as the temp gets too high?
should i replace the fans, or could there be a deeper issue?

here's the back story: my boss uses his pb at home to edit film for me to proof. while at home he tends to leave the pb on the floor. not that he takes the best care of his pb, but he tries to keep serious things from happening except his dog. one morning, i walk past my boss sitting at his pb, and something bad has filled the air. he hadnt noticed the odor. i think it is him and go on my way. several minutes later he asks me to go and smell what he smells. it is the odor i had noticed earlier. the smell was coming from the pb. after two grown men spent hours thinking really hard, we determined the dog was the culprit.

the dog pee'd on his pb. so we opened the case and there was thinkened urine all over the left speaker and fan. we cleaned it and closed it and he had to put up with the smell for several days. nothing seemed wrong with the machine at all. everything ran smoothly and there were no glitches or panics or explosions.

it has been about seven months since this dog day afternoon.

now he complains of the pb overheating and the performance not living up to standrads. both of us think the fans aren't working and so the heat builds. the thing is, i have no clue whether or not the fans are dead or if the problem lies deeper.

any help please.

peace and love