Project Space Station

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Project Space Station


There are two versions of this game. The original version was published in 1985 by HESware and gives you the shuttles Atlantis and Challenger to work with. A second version was published in 1987 by Avantage. The are only two between the two versions. The first is, due to the Challenger accident, they changed the second shuttle to Discovery. The second one is, also due to the Challenger accident, the starting year is 1987 instead of 1985. I bought this game originally in 1985 when it first came out, then was stupid enough to get rid of all my Apple II stuff a few years ago when my IIGS died. Just recently bought an Apple IIe system again and am busy transferring disk images from my Mac Mini to the IIe. I downloaded this game from both Asimov and Virtual Apple 2 and now have it on floppy disk again.

My problem is that I really prefer playing the original HESware version, simply as a tribute to the Challenger crew. Unfortunately the version on Virtual Apple 2 has a priate crack screen in place of the HESware opening screen. The Avantage copy has their opening screen, but as I said I prefer the original. I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the HESware version without the pirate opening screen and if I could get a copy of it.

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