whole boatload of vintage hw/sw has gotta go

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whole boatload of vintage hw/sw has gotta go

Here's the treasure trove I've alluded to before.

I need to get rid of the following stuff. I don't really want to mess with shipping (especially big hardware), so anybody that is willing to show up and haul it away gets bonus points. But I'd still consider shipping if you make it worth my time.

What might I consider in trade, you ask? I am looking for a Quadra 650/800 (must have CD-ROM and onboard ethernet), and a G4 might be nice. Cash is always good. Let's work something out...

No guarantees on the condition of any of this unless otherwise noted. You get it as-is. Much of this I tested back in the day when I had free time before putting it into storage, but then again there's some that I did not and just held on to thinking I'd get back to it.

* Plus, doesn't boot (blinking disk icon)
* LC III (in original box), booted last time I tried
* SE/30, mobo good (I think) but the tube is shot so I can't check now
* SE/30, booted recently
* IIsi, has Apple riser with FPU and Apple NIC, booted recently
* Quadra 660AV, 36 MB
* front panel and some bezels for Quadra 840AV
* front/top case for Quadra 840AV

Some of these machines were for testing, and may not currently have drives.

* APS DAT drive, external SCSI, no power cord
* (4) brand new DAT tapes
* Macally 2-button ADB mouse
* La Cie CD-R, external caddy-load SCSI
* (several) 6/7/8100 video pigtails

* (~10) 72-pin SIMMs, unknown size but a loose sticky says 16MB
* MacCon IIsi/SE30 riser
* Technology Works Nubus NIC (short) from 1991, RJ45/AAUI/thinnet
* Excelan Etherport IINL Nubus NIC (short) from 1989, RJ45/thicknet
* 6100 Nubus adapter + Radius accelerated 8-bit graphics (short) from 1993
* Apple High Resolution Display Nubus card (full) from 1989
* Apple Macintosh Display Nubus card (full) from 1990
* Supermac Spigotpower AV Nubus card (short) from 1994
* Apple video PCI(?) card from 1993
* Apple video PCI(?) card from 1993, just slightly different
* DaynaPORT E/LC-M NIC, RJ45
* DaynaPORT E/SI30 NIC, RJ45/thinnet/thicknet
* "Snooper" diagnostic hardware/software

* CodeWarrior Bronze 6
* (2) AfterDark 3.0
* (big pile) HP printer drivers
* Connectix Powerbook Utilities
* Connectix Desktop Utilities
* (several) Norton Utilities
* Claris MacDraw
* Claris MacWrite II
* Quark XPress 2.12
* Morph (in original box)
* cakewalk Metro 4 (in original box)
* (2) ClarisWorks
* WordPerfect 3.1
* WordStar Write Now 4
* Quicken 3
* (2) Quicken 4
* Quicken 5
* Quicken Deluxe 98
* Monopoly
* Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?
* Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2.0
* APS Powertools
* Mangia
* Fractal Design ColorStudio
* Caduceus Science Review
* Aldus SuperCard
* RAM Doubler
* Speed Doubler
* Mac EKG
* Apple Network Software Installer
* Apple Internet Connection Kit
* (~8) sets of System installers from 7.0.1 to 7.5.5
* various other system goodies too
* Adobe Photo Deluxe and Pagemill 3.0
* Office v.X test drive
* (bunch) sound/photo/movie/game demo CDs
* (lots) Macworld CDs
* & more...

* MS Office 4.3 (floppies)

Books and collectibles-----
* Adapter Toast 4 User Guide
* Introduction to Mathematica
* Why Macintosh? brochure
* Adobe Photoshop 2.5 User Guide, Tutorial, etc.

Other stuff-----
* power cables
* & whatever else I find...

I'm in 68135.