Nice mid-range gaming PC for trade!

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Nice mid-range gaming PC for trade!

I spent quite a bit of time and money last year building this gaming PC from scratch, and while it works very well and can run all but the most hard-core games at decent resolutions, I've recently bought a 17" MacBook Pro, which is able to serve my PC needs (what few there are!) well.

I'm not looking to trade for anything in particular - just some cool stuff! I've got a Newton 2100 that could use some accessories (like a Wi-Fi card), and I'm a big console gamer, along with an avid collector of classic Mac (and other obscure computing) stuff, so please just drop me a line if you've got something cool to trade. Of course, I have no objection to mixing some trade stuff with some cash! Smile

Here are the specs that I can remember off the top of my head:

AMD Athlon 3000xp processor (the 32-bit version)
Asus A7N8X motherboard with 8x AGP slot
1 gig PC-3200 ram
GeForce 6600OC video card withg 128megs of RAM
160-gig hard drive
DVD reader
CD burner
Netgear 802.11G card
Creative 5.1 sound card (I also have a really cool set of 5.1 headphones that I can include!)
Extra USB/Firewire card installed
Cool jet-engine CPU cooler
Snazzy Zboard gaming keyboard with 3 keysets (regular QWERTY, FPS setup, World of Warcraft set)
Wireless Microsoft mouse
Also, I can include the 17" CRT monitor I've been using if you want it, but shipping would be expensive.

If you'd like to see a few pics of the rig, go here:

Also, I'll be wiping the hard drive before any trades, but I can easily load the drive with something like "Games Knoppix" Linux, so you can at least get the thing up and running before you install your own copy of Windows.

So, please drop me a line if this sounds like a good deal to you - given the cost of all the parts that went into this thing, I really should be trying to sell it for a couple hundered bucks, but trades are a lot more fun! Smile