FS G4 DA 466, 256megs ram

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FS G4 DA 466, 256megs ram

A Digital Audio 466MHz, 256megs ram, CDR-RW Drive, 40gig Hard Drive, ATI AGP video, built in modem, two firewire, two usb and the ethernet port. I've got way to many computers and I need to clear them out. This 466 is a good working computer with no issues. The case has minor scuffing on it. It has OS 10.3 and comes with usb keyboard and optical mouse. They can be either a Kensington usb or a Mac usb (not pro keyboard) the mouse is a Logitec two button W/scroll wheel optical mouse. This computer is guarrenteed NO DOA. Shipping is from 76086, (Tx) via FedX Ground
$110.00 plus shipping, Shipping is $30.00...........Pm or E-mail me