slideshow suggestions?

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slideshow suggestions?

My daughter's teacher wants to take pics of her students' artwork and put them on a CD to give to the parents. She's wondering what program she could use to put on the CD so they can be viewed in a slideshow. It would have to be useable in both Macs and PC's. Any suggestions? She has access to both Macs and PC's. thanks

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Lots of options

A folder of JPEGs: OS X will handle that nicely through Preview and for users of older Macs you can add a viewer that the viewer can run from CD. I must confess that I have been using Vista in its beta versions for so long that I have forgotten about how XP handles images. But you can view standard format images in Explorer without additional software in XP. However, these standard tools will not work well if the images are stored in a hierarchy of folders. All images must be in one folder. And the viewer must click to see the next image.

Slideshow Auto-Run: Ten years ago, multimedia specialists created CDs that would auto-run on a Mac or PC and start the app that displayed the content appropriately. We live in a less trustworthy world. I auto-run nothing.

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I'd use Photoshop to build a

I'd use Photoshop to build a Web gallery of the images. It gives you a thumbnail page, and a page for each image along with back/forward buttons. Just burn the directory Photoshop creates to the CD.

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My suggestions

Here's the suggestions I sent to her:

The Photoshop gallery idea is mostly about creating a thumbnail

If you simply put all the JPEGs into a folder which you burn to CD,
then the parents can simply copy the folder to their computer harddrive.
With Mac, they can then watch a slideshow of the folder using iPhoto
with OS X. With Windows XP, if they simply put the folder in their
pictures folder, then they can select it and choose "play slideshow" on the
left side of the desktop window. I don't think there would be a problem
with televisions that display JPEGs too if they insert the CD in the
DVD drive.

I'm also attaching two free JPEG viewer programs that work with Mac OS
9 (JPEGview and SlideFreebie). They're very simple programs that
do JPEG slideshows.

What you could do, if you have a Mac and Roxio Toast, is format each CD
for both Mac and Windows, and then simply burn the folder with the
students' artwork JPEGS along with the Photoshop gallery directory, plus
the two Mac OS 9 JPEG viewers, and a Microsoft Word or HTML instructions

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