Latitude C600 People: Help Me Out

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Latitude C600 People: Help Me Out

In short...

Which Motherboards Work for a Latitude C600...
that WAS motherboard version/Dell P/N 002UH rev A09...
which has PIII/850 SL4AH? (that will be used for the new board)

I'm hoping some Dell/C600 guru will know. If this seems confusing, it's because it is.


I need to replace the motherboard on my C600; the power jack was broken off of the motherboard, INCLUDING the part of the motherboard it mounts to. It's 002UH rev A09, with an 850MHz SL4AH PIII. (It _does_, in fact, have the "middle" cooling fan.)

There's tons of information on the Dell forums about this subject; unfortunately lots of it is conflicting.

Obviously yes, 002UH, with a equal or higher revision number, with the latest BIOS (yeah, right... try getting someone on eBay to tell you the rev and the installed BIOS version) will work. I've also found these part numbers though:

1D197 9R587 7C456

Seems that 1D197 allows for a processor speed up to 1GHz.

Does anything differ in fit between those boards that do have this second fan, and those that do not? Different CPU sink on 002UH than 1D197?... 002UH video card won't work in 1D197?

In summation: If there will be no problems, buying a 1D197 motherboard, throwing my proc, RAM, NIC in, and fitting the CPU heat sink and casing etc to it, that's what I'm doing.

Will this "just work?"

-- Macinjosh