Color classic monitor question

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Color classic monitor question

1. What would you all recommend as the best howto for the monitor mod?
2. is there a pin out listing for the video somewhere? I want to put a mac mini motherboard inside one of my color classics, but I want to use the original monitor. so I would need to make a VGA plug for it.


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VGA mod is better than the "H

VGA mod is better than the "High-Res" mod, as it puts less strain on the CRT circuitry (screen refreshes at 60hz instead of 67hz)

Link to VGA:
(take note, can't use stock CC board to test)

The walkthrough for the High-Res mod has good pictures though:

AS for a pin-out;
I guess that's the closest thing out there... but I don't know how well the innards will function as a standalone CRT unless you were to simply swap them with the inside of a regular monitor or something (at which point I guess the pinout would be pointless anyway).

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