I'm having trouble with ADTPro.

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I'm having trouble with ADTPro.

I got the 5.25 drive hardware for my Apple ][e, I'm running ADTPro for Linux on Ubuntu, and I have the cables hooked up for audio transport. Now, how do I transfer anything other than EsDOS, ProDOS, any other bootstrapping files? Which I can send all day

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Send disk image files.

You want to follow the Audio bootstrapping instructions (see: http://adtpro.sourceforge.net/bootstrapaudio.html ) to the point where you have a bootable floppy running the ADTPro client software. Once you have that, use it to transfer floppy images you download from the 'net.

The way that works is you request the images from the Apple running ADTPro. See: http://adtpro.sourceforge.net/receiving.html

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