OS X on a 68k Mac!

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OS X on a 68k Mac!

Ok, so the header is deceptive, and I'm a couple days late for April Fools; still, you've got to hand it to this guy for having the "most clueless about Macs" auction I've seen in a long, long while:

Powerbook 100

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Everytime I see one of those standardized "Description" boxes in auctions, they are, invariably, incorrect.

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" Processor speed, RAM, scree

" Processor speed, RAM, screen size, and HDD size was just a guess. Assume it's got the standard but may be more."

At least he's honest *cough*. I'll cry if this gets bidded over a hundred

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Thats good

I saw one a few weeks ago. This guy had a graphite g4 for sale and apparently thought it was a g3 that was upgraded. He had a clear picture of the actual item for sale and it looked like an AGP Graphics G4, he said,"I have no idea how a g4 processor got into a g3." Well duh, it is a friggin g4 computer!

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hah thats classic Smile

he must have seen the PB 100 lable and assumed it meant 100mhz Acute

but some tool bought it for $60 :o


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Would it be wrong to buy that, then report him to eBay for listing it as something it's not because you can't get X loaded when you get it?
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I suppose not. Even if he doe

I suppose not. Even if he doesn't know squat about Macs, the least he could have done would be to boot it up and figure it out, would take all of 5 minutes.

I just hope the guy who bought it doesn't seriously believe he's getting a computer with OS X and a 1GB hard drive. Sad.

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I think thats funny.

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Here's another interesting sale on ebay Im not sure if this guy is selling shirts or computers In either case I think he is over-priced



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