Netboot Problems

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Netboot Problems

ok, so my tiger DVD is failing. Luckiy, when I bought it, I imaged it first thing. Unfortunantly, I don't have a DVD burner, so I can not simply burn it to a new DVD. So, I looked into this netboot thing, and it seems pretty cool. So, I downloaded the server tools from apple's website, and created a netboot image with the System Image Utility.

Upon completion, I looked it up, and found a PDF here. It said to launch server admin, so I did. I then got a drop down asking for my password. when I put it in, it said could not connect to the server (trying to connect to the machine I am on, perhaps that is the problem?), and I chose to keep it in the list. All the bubbles are red, and I can not do anything.

where do I go from here?


Power Macintosh G3 Blue And White
400mhz G3
512mb of ram
120gb HD
Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.9.


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running Server?

Server Admin will only recognize Macs running OS X Server. Are you trying to netboot the install DVD?? (never would have thought of that) But you'll need a netboot server.

But you don't need to boot from the dvd to install OS X, just a second drive. Mount the image, then in the Finder navigate to
/Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ DVD/System/Installation/Packages/

and double-click OSInstall.mpkg

and that will launch the installer... which will allow you to install OS X on a drive other than your startup drive.

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ah, but that is the easy way.

ah, but that is the easy way. I wanted to get netboot working for future instances.

and I am running it on OS X client, not server. Did not know it needed to be on server, since it installed and ran fine. If they wanted to pull that trick, they could put in a artifical limit, like they do with iLife...

I will install the OS that way FOR NOW, but I wish to get it working. Is there some sort of third pary utilities that can do it?

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OS X Server = OS X Client + some pkgs

Basically, client and server are the same OS, but server has extra software installed (someone where I work claimed they had different kernels... but I think he was confusing PPC with Intel as most of the Servers there are the 2.3GHz G5 XServes).

Anything that can be installed on OS X Server can be installed on OS X client. OS X Server has a "serialnumberd" thing running... perhaps that's what identifies it as Server to the Admin app. In fact... if you wanted, on OS X client, you can install free versions of almost every server package on OS X Server...
AFP (built in or
Application Server
Firewall (ipfw built in)
FTP (ftpd built in)
iChat (well... XMPP server of some kind
Mail (Postfix built in)
NAT (natd built in)
NetBoot (not sure if this will work on OS X as the server or not, but there must be something that will, right?)
NFS (built in, howto:
Open Directory
Print (built-in also, I think)
QuickTime Streaming
Software Update (that's a tough one...)
Web (apache1 built in)
WebObjects (rumur is it will be open soon)
Xgrid (another tough one)

but you still wouldn't have OS X Server without all the gui goodness (well, goodness is debatable... OS X Server allows an administrator to do things without understanding what they are doing).

btw, I think NetBoot is really only useful on a gigabit network. I had it working on a 100BaseT network, but it was slllooow to boot, load any apps. Once in memory, worked fine, I guess... if periodic freezing is ok (yes, fine when there's no alternative).

Generally, NetBoot is used for labs of lots of identical systems, makes them easier to maintain.

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