Melbourne, Australia: Apple ][ Collection

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Melbourne, Australia: Apple ][ Collection

I am selling my Apple ][ collection, but prior to taking pictures, listing on eBay etc. I would like to hear from anyone here that is interested in the items.

There are three Apple 2 PCs:

Apple ][ Europlus
Apple //e Platinum
Apple //e clone with Z80 onboard

In addtion, there are:

2 green screen monitors (one Kaga Denshi, one Apple Monitor //)
Several disk drives, including two original Disk ][ units
Two dot matrix printers - Imagewriters
Dozens of disks
A box of manuals
Various joysticks, paddles, cards and "stuff"

As you can tell, this will take a while for me to catalog and advertise, so if someone makes me a decent offer for the lot and I can save myself the time, I'm happy.

It will need to be pickup only due to the sheer volume of gear. Mind you, if someone offers me enough, I may consider overseas or interstate shipping.

I am in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

You can reach me at: