Where wouldI sell these, Not Ebay. Need a good Apple site.

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Where wouldI sell these, Not Ebay. Need a good Apple site.

I've got a school system that wants me to buy these. Usually I handle pc's.

Is there a secondary vendor site where Mac fans go to buy their older hardware.

Here are the spec's and can anyone tell me what is the real value. IF I buy at their price I can't afford to sell them on Ebay.

40 Apple iMac computers, 500mhz PowerPC G3, 128MB RAM, 20GB Hard Drive, OS 10.4, Tiger

Thank you

Joe Nemie
oldetowneauctions on Ebay

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A couple spring immediately to mind ...

But mostly you're going to be dealing with individuals who won't have nearly that kind of volume. Maybe by making a few deals with several individuals, you might be able to come up with 40 iMacs.

Note: you'll need at least 256 MB RAM *just* to run Tiger (Mac OS 10.4). 500 MHz iMacs use PC100 or PC133 SDRAM, which is pretty common, and the slots are easily accessible for the do-it-yourself upgrade. Might I suggest 512 MB? You, the teachers and the students will all be *much happier.*

ANYway, be sure to check out:
• Macswap.org
• Applefritter.com (yes, you came to the right place.)

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How I moved a lot of iMacs...

I moved about 150 of these last year for a local school district. My cost was $40 each based on a bulk purchase of 10 at a time. They originally want $100 each for them but they were all running OS 9. All came with mice, keyboards and power cords.

Upgraded the RAM and installed 10.4 let me move them for $75-100 each. Find a private school to set up a computer lab and you should be able to place 40 in one deal.

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There are several other ways

There are several other ways to sell. You can join join LEM-Swap for buying & selling Mac stuff. http://groups.google.com/group/lemswap After you join, post a FS (For Sale). List it on your local Craig's List - http://www.craigslist.com/ One advantage of Craig's list is that it can be pick-up, instead of costly shipping & a buyer can check it out.

Cheers, Tom

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I don't get it. What are 40 G

I don't get it. What are 40 G3 iMacs with 128mb of RAM doing with Tiger installed? The costs and difficulties of transporting, storing, upgrading, and selling, don't sound worth the effort to me. OS X, Tiger et al, all are heavily password protected, so you'll need the passwords if you're not going to install new OS's. And personally, I'd be very leery of selling CRT iMacs, especially if you don't know much about them. The slot loading CRT iMacs are notorious for their PAV problem. These may have been in a light-use, air conditioned environment all their lives. Sell them to someone in a not-so--favorable environment and it's very possible a lot of these machines could die out quickly, creating more headache for you. Maybe if you could just be the broker for a deal between the school and some other institution that could use them and avoid personal attachment to them that way.

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