Power Macintosh 6100

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Power Macintosh 6100

Dose any one have a working Power Macintosh 6100? With OS 8 or higher installed? Just wondering. I would also like to know if there is any software in existence to use this as a small web server. Pleas give details on specs.

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I have a 6100 with a Sonnet G

I have a 6100 with a Sonnet G3 upgrade at 400Mhz installed.

I also have a barracuda drive with the Apple AV card.

It works like a charm, I use this machine to edit video and play music.

I have 8.6 on it, works great.

I'd visit http://www.system7today.com for information on different programs for the 6100. For a webserver or a stock 6100, I'd run 7.6.1 on that. 7.6 runs fast, and theres a freeware webserver program on that site I believe.

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