Powerbook 1400 questions

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Powerbook 1400 questions


I was thinking about getting a powerbook 1400c, mainly just to tinker with. And that being said, I have questions about tinker-ability. First off, I've read that they used to make solar panels for this machine. That's one of the big things that got my attention. Certainly you can't run it on solar power alone, but the idea is infinitley appealing to me for some reason.
Are any of these solar panels available second hand? Also, the classic mac os really isn't par for web browsing of any kind (I really don't like iCab- it's insanley unstable on my wallstreet under 9.2.2). Can this machine run linux well enough to make it good for light web browsing? And how much are one of these machines worth, with decent ram instelled?
I know how things on eBay get so crazily inflated, so I don't want to pay to much.


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Mac Ram is 64m, I paid 45 I t

Max Ram is 64m, I paid 45 I think for mine plus shipping, with Max Ram, a good batter, and the cs/166 model. It will not run Linux, or BSD, without considerable amounts of work, and even then, it has issues with its ATA controller. its pretty much Classic only.

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