68k & PPC Mac Mainboards, PSUs, Cards and Cases (And some PCs)

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68k & PPC Mac Mainboards, PSUs, Cards and Cases (And some PCs)

Crossposted from 68kmla. For shipping calculations and pickups, I am located near Harrisburg, PA.

Anything listed below is up for grabs whole, or in parts. Processors are always included with the mainboard.

Centris 650 Mainboard + PSU

PM 6400/180 Mainboard, PSU, RAM & case. (HDD mounting bracket, FDD and 2x CD-ROM included w/ case, available fully assembled)

PM 6200/75 Mainboard, PSU, RAM & case. (HDD mounting bracket and FDD included with case, available fully assembled)

Centris 610 Mainboard + PSU

PB140 Mainboard, Power Brick, Screen, FDD & Keyboard/trackball combo (Case severely damaged, items will be shipped attached to whatever part of the case they came off with.)

All these parts (above and below) were working last time I plugged them in, however I am still selling them AS-IS.

Also for sale:

Asante Nubus 10BaseT Ethernet card
Asante PCI 10/100 Ethernet card for PCI Power Mac
ATI Radeon 7000 PCI 64MB Dual-Screen Capable for PCI Power Mac
Apple internal SCSI Caddy-load CD-ROM
Generic 2x SCSI CD-ROM drive
Assorted internal mac floppy drives - some 1.44 MB, some 800k

Laserwriter IInt - Gives unknown error on startup, but most parts are good. - PICKUP ONLY
Radius 19" Greyscale TPD w/ single BNC to Mac DB-15 cable - PICKUP ONLY

And some PC parts to boot:

Socket 7 ATX motherboard supports up to Pentuim 233 MMX
Socket 7 AT motherboard supports up to Pentuim 233 MMX
Socket 7 ATX motherboard w/ AMD K6-2 300 MHz processor
Socket 5 LPX (AT power) motherboard/card riser combo w/ original "FDIV" Pentium 60 processor

Assorted IDE HDDs ranging from 300MB to 4GB
Assorted ATAPI CD-ROM drives
4GB Quantum "bigfoot" 5.25" 1/4 height IDE HDD
Assorted 250W Max AT PSUs
Assorted non-accelerated PCI video cards
2 Packard Bell Sound144 ISA soundcard/modem combos (MS-DOS/Win3.1 drivers included)

I'm open to money offers or trades, I'm looking for a white iBook if someone wants to take everything listed here but would also be interested by musical instruments of various sorts. Buyer pays shipping if you're paying cash, for trades we can work something out based on the items being traded.

One more thing.

I have a mostly working Zenith Data Systems 386 Laptop w/ NiCad battery (needs recell)
This laptop has a broken screen hinge and will be thrown out if someone doesn't want it. I'm willing to give it away for the cost of shipping. Any takers?