iBook G3 and G4 GPU failures

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iBook G3 and G4 GPU failures

OK, there have been numerous topics on why it happens, what happens, and how it happens. But what I want to know is what does it happen to? On apple's official page on the issue, they list essentially all of the white iBooks, from the 500mhz dual USB all they way up until the last G3. However, I have heard issues with the early G4 books as well, and nothing on the dual USB books.


From the looks of it, is it safe to assume this affects every iBook with an ATI Radeon chipset? if so, that would exclude the early white iBooks that used the rage chipset, but include all of the G4 books as well.

any ideas? i'm so confused. Another reason is because I just ordered a dual USB iBook at 500mhz, and wanted to see if there would be any problems down the road, besides a stink y keyboard.

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iBook proximity

starts with the 500Mhz iBook G3 Dual USB, to the 1Ghz G4 iBooks. They changed the location of the GPU starting at the 1-1.2Ghz iBooks. I don't remember where, but they aren't under the area left to the trackpad. I think they moved it up a bit to either under the airport card, or a bit to the left around the USB/FW/Eth/Modem/Sound ports area

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