Upgrading an ibook g3 to osx 10.4.3... problems

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Upgrading an ibook g3 to osx 10.4.3... problems

Hey there, i'd like to know if i can upgrade my ibook g3 (800MHz processor, 640 MB SDRAM) to 10.4.3.. it is currently running at 10.3.9, but i would like to get the iphone which needs 10.4.. I was wondering if this is possible, and if it is, if there are a lot of problems which can arise..Thank you !

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Your iBook will run Mac OS X

Your iBook will run Mac OS X tiger just fine. And the latest version is 10.4.10. My 400mhz B&W G3 runs 10.4.10 just fine, and has been running it's current installation of tiger since October of last year, and is highly modified. It has currently been running non stop and problem free for almost 8 days. My machine also only has 512mb, half of what the max is.

yours should run really smooth.

-digital Wink

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DVD or CD Drive???

You need a DVD drive (internal preferred) to load 10.4 / Tiger on your iBook. If you don't have a DVD drive you can send the 10.4 disc to Apple, along with $9.95, and they will replace it with the OS on CDs.

To use an iPhone on your iBook, the specs require 10.4.10 and iTunes 7.3 and a USB 2 port. While USB 1 may work, it will be painfully slow to transfer data Sad


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