FS - Pismo $75 shipped CONUS

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FS - Pismo $75 shipped CONUS

FS - Pismo $75 shipped CONUS

Okay, I have a Pismo given to me to sell.
It was disasembled partially so you have the following items

1) LCD with plastics - Cracked (there is not PCB which I think is the Inverter for the LCD)
2) Lower Half
- CPU: 400MHz
- RAM: 64MB
- PRAM: None
- KEYBOARD: Yes, when plugged into my Pismo it works.
- Heat Shield: None - I'm actually not sure about the whereabouts consider it lost.
- HD CAGE: Present but no screws or cable - if you want to buy this and need the cable I'll try and pull one out of my parts box.

Don't have time to futz with this so all I did was try and hook it up to an external monitor. When I booted it up with a working drive the external signal gave a grey display. I'd assume it booted up but I can't see the screen since the external; signal is probably a secondary desktop extension of some sort... Anyway the lower half is intact over all other than the missing PRAM & Main Battery which I sold. So the lower half does charge the Main battery as I got the Battery flat and it charged it up to 4 LEDs.

Some one please take this so I can clear one more item out of my basement and put some more money away for a digital camera.


Contact me at paypalsh @ gmail . com
If you are interested and I take payment via PayPal bank funded funds - other payment arrangements maybe possible.
Ask any questions you want and I'll answer them if I can. This is being sold as is.. and I will entertain reasonable offers too.