Formatting HD 5.25 disks on Apple IIc

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Formatting HD 5.25 disks on Apple IIc

I bought some 5.25 disks on eBay. They are MD2-HD (1.2MB MSDOS format) high density disks. But when I put them in the Apple IIc and to INIT HELLO, it does not format the disk. Instead I get a I/O Error.

What is going on? I thought you could format HD disks as SD... ? Can someone tell me how to fix this, thanks. Or where to get SD disks.


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Re: Formatting HD 5.25 disks on Apple IIc

I thought you could format HD disks as SD... ?

No. Back to eBay with you. You need to get Double Density disks. HD won't work.

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If the disks are the same shape. . .

. . . and the only problem is the pre-exsisting formatting (which I suspect), then take a large magnet and rub it all over the outer surface of the disk (the housing/sleeve, not the shiney exposed inner disk).

Now, try to reformat it again.

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Pre-existing formatting

That isn't the problem at all.If it was just the formatting then putting it into the Apple II drive and reformatting would work. The problem is the density of the disk. The Apple II drive can handle single density and double density disks, but it doesn't know what to do with high density.

Save yourself some money and only buy single or double density disks for your Apple II. If you buy a high density disk you've just thrown away money.


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There is a definite diference between DD and HD
5 1/4 disks. Look at the center ring. That is where
the computer decides what "format" the disk should
be. Even an Apple will detect this. (Have tried
this in the past). Don't trash the HD disks as PC
geeks will buy these. Your other advice that you
received is correct. Buy some DD (double density)
5 1/4 disks and an Apple will "see" them and will
format them OK. You DON'T have to degauss them with
a magnet! The Apple will merely reformat them OK.

If you have trouble re-formatting them with the A2
software, try using COPY II utilities. They usually
work better. That's what I use when re-formatting
other disks from other sources.

As for locating 5 1/4 disks, they are getting
"extinct". You might try the buy-sell thread on this
board, or sometimes Radio Shack stores still have
stock, but you will have to ask as they are usually
kept in the back.

Good luck.

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