Beige G3 with usb issues ... re-install?

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Beige G3 with usb issues ... re-install?

Is there an issue with taking a machine that was OS 9.. upgraded to 9.2.2 and re-installing 9.0 again.. and going through the upgrade process again.. to make sure I have all the correct files?

I have an issue with USB in 9.2.2 and a little one is Classic mode on X (using Xpostfacto to boot)

in 9.2.2 I have 1.41 usb again.. not the 1.5.5 that would install with 9.2.2.. and its working. But I get an annoying error about an Apple USB Audio extention failing to load..

In X .. everytime I switch between X programs and Classic.. the mouse disappears unless I give it a good shake for a second or two and then it appears agian.. I think this is something between the X and Classic drivers??

SO.. my thought was to just re-install 9.0 and work back up.. but I dont want to wipe out settings etc.. from the 9.2.2 install?