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Holiday World

OK, So My Family and I live in Indiana, and were about 3 Hours from Holiday World, Santa Claus, Indiana. So We decided to take a trip down for this summer. Since the last time we went that added 2 New attractions. Bakuli, A water park slide, and "The Voyage", the third of their holiday themed wooden coasters, the Previous two being "The Legend" and "THe Raven". I do have to say, the Voyage beats the pants off of the first two. Its impressive. I like wooden coasters the best. They are bumpier, louder, and tons of fun. To mention some of the cool water park attractions, there is Bahari, a giant wave pool that pumps out Six foot waves, and there is Zinga. Zinga has an hour wait, but boy is it worth it. You go through a twisty-turvy slide out into a giant funnel, and slide around the funnel. The park is really nice too. You get free drinks all day, and the food os delicious. We ate at "Zoombabeway Grill". THe Grilled chicken sandwich w/ grilled corn is very good.Its a great value too. If you order tickets online, its $33 per adult, and $97 for people under ''54 and seniors. If you wait till you are there to buy your tickets, bring a bunny bread bag or a pepsi can, and you can get $7 off. THe park is clean, with nice attractions, good Live entertainment. They have something for everyone. If you are ever in Indiana, stop by. You'll love it.

I forgot to put on sunscreen, and got burnt so bad the calamine is peeling off prematurely. Don't forget it!

What parks do you like?