Computer movies

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Computer movies


Need to clean house here and while I slip toward doing noir and crime stories on my website, I have a stack of VHS (for the most part) computer-themed films. The films are (in no particular order) Menno's Mind, Swordfish, Sneakers, Freejack, The Thirteenth Floor, Demon Seed, The Net, Lawnmower Man, The Matrix, Virus and DVDs of Hackers and Johnny Mnemonic.

There are also four others that need to be discussed offlist. I'm keeping Pi and Alphaville.

I'm assuming that this is an OK trade with the mods. If not, delete this post and no hard feelings.

I always like to do trades instead of sales but I'll consider it. I realize that these films do not represent the high-water mark in US cinema but I bet there's folks out there that want to see them.

Anyway, I have a Beige G3 ziffed to G4, a Lombard, a Pismo and a 500MHz IceBook that don't really need much, or need processor upgrades and RAM but I think that's pushing it.

Anyway, any interest in getting any of these flicks? All would be best.