Airport Extreme and G4

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Airport Extreme and G4

I want to get the Airport Extreme card to populate the Airport Extreme port in my dual 800 mhz G4 Quicksilver. What should I look out for? What is the best one? What should I definately avoid?

I started to hit ebay to find an Airport Extreme part and figured about any would do. But then again, figured I would ask here first. Smile


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If you're using a quicksilver

If you're using a quicksilver - you're limited to an original airport card (802.11b) or a third party card in your PCI slot. Here's one option

But there is NO way that a standard Apple Airport extreme card is going to work in your Quicksilver G4. The MDD FW800 G4's were the only G4's to have Airport exteme as an option.

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