Free Vintage Mac stuff

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Free Vintage Mac stuff

Too much stuff lying around not being used. If you can put it to good use you can have it.
(Pay for shipping or pickup in ATL area)
PM me for any further info.

All or part of Performa 630 - Upgraded with performa 6300 motherboard with power PC (120 mhz) 32 mb 4GB disk AV IO card, PDS network card can install os (7.5 8.5 and/or 9.1)

HP Deskwriter printer (B&W inkjet with mac serial and local talk connections)

Apple Stylewriter 1200 printer

Green imac usb keyboard, bondi blue imac keyboard and mouse

Mac SE Case (My first mac, never got around to that Maquarium)

Any part of non-working emac (gives the "bad-rom" signal) except HD, DVD, or memory

Any part of non-working indigo imac (sounds like bad power supply) except keyboard, mouse or HD

Working G3 AIO - 233 mhz 378mb 4gb

Various memory Simm/Dimms (128 and under) in 144, 72 and 160 types.

8x SCSI 24x SCSI, and 24x ATI CD ROM drives + tray load 24x cd rom from imac

4GB Quantum or WD ati hard disks

Newbus angle adapter for 6100 (Plus 2 Apple video cards I cannot get to work)

Apple serial switch box (1 to 4) with additional apple serial cables

apple serial to 25 pin or 9 pin cables

3 ft 50 pin SCSI cable + 50 pin to 25 pin scsi adaptor

non-working scsi jaz drive - (i use the internals to connect scsi internal drive to external scsi port)

Finally, but not free (make me an offer)

working powermac 6116 with 210 mhz newpower g3 upgrade 72MB 720GB (8x or 24x) CDROM and choice of apple keyboard (with or w/o function keys)

Working G3 AIO - 233 mhz 378mb 4gb (picked only)

Thanks for looking, and for keeping those vintage macs alive