What a difference!

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What a difference!

just had an afternoon with nothing to do, so i completely dismantled my inspiron 6000. recently its been overheating a lot, hinges loose etc.

Got to the fan area, cleaned out so much dust! found a wad of pure dust about 2" long and 1/4" thick! Tightened up the hinges and put a fresh install of xp on, runs like a new machine.

Plus, the fans arent always on at full whack, so its a lot quieter. An afternoon well spent if you ask me!

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been there

nothing is as bad as seeing a machine that was sitting on 24/7/365 for 8 years. came to me a few years ago. the thing was making a horrible racket in the CPU fan. a cricket got stuck in there one day, and it's body had been moving around in the blades and hitting the gaurd. That creeped me out actually... I don't like having anything to do with bugs...

I also found a large dust wad sitting over a graphics card that when a friend told me his games would always get this pixelation when playing for a bit. The dust was approximately the size of the lower half of the pc. On top of it, everyone in his household smokes (Except him). this was about 5 years ago though, so his pc is not in such a hard environment anymore Smile

I have found a ***-load of dust in a lot of machines before. But I will tell you, it makes a difference. I generally go in about once every month into my machines, and blow out any dust that gathers. Since I overclock my machines, Dust can be the death of my "Experimentation" So I gotta watch and make sure my fans don't get clogged.

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im always messing around with

im always messing around with my computer so much the case is never closed up it seems.

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I've been meaning to blow the dust out of my computer for a few weeks now, thanks for the reminder Smile

I usually do it every other month, as it has a tendency o breed massive rabid dust bunnies the size of Volkswagens if i don't. Ok, im off to do that now.

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Dust Bunnies

I've got a Pavilion that wound up at my place for free that I need to do a complete inside and outside job on. It lived in a house on a gravel road its whole life, and its just coated. I just about refused it; its not icky though, just dusty. Really, really dusty.

It'll be my first misadventure with a K6; from what I read, I don't even know why I'm bothering, but oh well.

-- Macinjosh

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