OEM OS software and more

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OEM OS software and more

Several OEM software bundels

1. iMac OS 8.5 OEM software. contains the install CD, software restore CD, Some Mac Game (MDK), Adobe pagemill 3.0 and a few other titles. $10.00 plus $6.00 shipping via USPS priority Mail

2. PowerMac G4 software bundel, OS 9.1, restore CDs (3), iMovie (2CDs) OS 9.1/OS X, OS X 10.0.3 CD, Apple Hardware test CD Ver 1.2 $10.00 plus $6.00 shipping via USPS priority mail

3. iBook OEM software bundel. OS 9.22 install CD, Applications CD, OS X 10.1.4 install CD, software CDs (4), Apple hardware test CD Ver 1.2.3

4. Two iMac OEM software bundels. OS 9.1 install CD, Applications CD, Software restore CDs (4CDs), iMovie CDs (2) OS 9.1/OS X, OS X install CD Ver 10.0.3 $10.00 each plus shipping $6.00 via USPS priority mail.

5. Mac OS 6.1 on floppys. 4 floppy disks. $10.00 plus shipping, $6.00 via USPS priority mail

and while I'm at it, A few G4 powermacs

Two 667MHz G4s, 256megs ram, One has a 20gig HD and the other has a 60Gig HD, both have a CD-R-RW, one has a zip 100 Drive, Nvidia AGP 32meg video cards and the two firewire, usb and ethernet port. These are good working G4s and have minor scuffing on the case. They pass the AH Test and have a NO DOA guarrentee $155.00 plus $30.00 via FedX ground

A 733MHZ G4 DA, 256megs ram, 60Gig HD, CD-R-RW drive, Nvidia AGP 32meg Video card, two firewire, usb, ethernet port and a built in modem (56k). This is another good working G4. It passes The AH test. $170.00 plus shipping $30.00 via FedX ground. It has a NO DOA guarrentee