Windows ME

I REALLY need to upgrade from Windows ME. Some of the newer databases won't run on this operating system. Is there a way to upgrade (XP, VISTA, etc...), without wiping out my whole system?


Alice F. in Minnesota


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You can get the XP upgrade installer, which will move your documents, etc. into a temp folder while it installs, then move them to the correct location for XP, but it's better to back up your files and wipe the drive.
Storage is cheap, and if you're doing serious work, you don't want to take risks.
Not only that, but if you have a PC from an ME vintage, you might want to consider just buying a new system. You certainly won't be running Vista effectively - or possibly at all - on a 5+ year old PC.

i havnt seen winME running on any machine from the last 7 years. XP is a really good replacement though now a days for a machine even 8 or 9 years old depending on the memory and cpu. (so ive found) it may run slower if the cpu is old but the functionality is much higher and is almost current if you call vista current. (id like to think vista is not current and xp still is)

Win98SE is even more popular than Windows Me. 98SE is still going strong as long as it's correctly patched it will be reasonably reliable.

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i never liked ME cause of the memory leaks it has that was never fixed. i use to have a compaq celeron 500mhz with only 64mb ram and it was more than usable. gained allot of performance when i upgraded to 256mb ram ( then the PS/2 ports went out) but XP is a good OS to use over any other windows OS if your computer can handle it.