FS: Old Mac Items

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FS: Old Mac Items

Need to downsize my collection a little so I can have more free space.... the following items are for sale:

1. Performa 6400/200 logic board w/ PCI adapter $5+ shipping
2. Old mac 30pin & 72 pin memory $1+shipping/stick. 10 sticks for $9 shipped.
3. PIII dual processor server motherboard... has onboard LAN, video, USB, SCSI, IDE, and 5 PCI slots. $10+ shipping
4. PC 100 Memory...various sizes, you will be sold a random stick pulled from my parts bin. Could be 32mb-256mb. $3+shipping/stick
5. Performa 6116. Untested. has ram/hard drive/cd drive. $5 Local pickup only
6. Mac ADB keyboards...apple design II series $5 each+ shipping
7.Mac SE/30 Motherboard...VERY VERY rare socketed-CPU motherboard...excellent for upgrading. $50 shipped.
8. Asante 12 port 10base ethernet hub $8+ shipping
9. Various old apple power supplys. $3 each+ shipping
10. Powermac 7600.... great condition....$10 local pickup or you pay shipping/packing charges
11. Sony tape deck...dual deck model... I used it for recording tapes to an old mac.... this tape deck is from 2000 or so. good cosmetic condition. $10+ shipping
12.Genuine apple multi-colored power cables.... $3+ shipping each
13. imac g3 350mhx logic board $5+ shipping

more to follow as I dig more stuff out....