Micro ][ BASE-48

Base 48 - front

Rudi Greth found this Micro ][ on eBay Germany in an auction with a German floppy disk built by Siemens and a Philips monitor (Type TP200). The computer's case says Micro ][, but the manual identifies the computer as the "BASE-48". The manual is written in English, indicating that the computer is probably not of German origin.

Base 48 - mb

Base 48 - ps

Base 48 - manual cover

The user's manual also describes a machine named "BASE-64A". It is obviously written for both models: the BASE 48 and the BASE 64A. There is a sticker on the cover with a "48" on it (perhaps the "64A" is under the sticker). The end of the manual holds the CKT and component location diagrams of the models. (Click to enlarge.)

Base 48 - component diagram Base 48 - diagram 1 Base 48 - diagram 2

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