ibook g4 the G-clamp fix

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ibook g4 the G-clamp fix

I have a 2004 ibook G4, about 2 months ago, i got the full range of reported problems ie. the blue screen of death the black screen of death, and also maybe because i,m scottish, the tartan screen of death. I also got the fan symptom were it goes on at full power. i found this site, i saw the examples of putting pressure on etc. and it worked for me. Before i got the clamp i could be seen in starbucks using my elbow to mimic the effects of the clamp, the thing is, i tried using the clamp and it seemed to require more and more pressure,,i should add ,, i placed a few coins under the machine and clamped it to the edge of a table so as to mimic holding the machine with one hand (left). i experimented with leaving machine clamped after use, to let it cool down and possibly resolder itself,,i truly dunno. And now it works again without the clamp hehehe. This has worked for me for 3 weeks with only the odd setback of having to clamp up to get it started,, so thankyou very much all contributers to this page, i am in your debt.