Powerbook 1Ghz 15" with brightness problem

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Powerbook 1Ghz 15" with brightness problem

Not sure anyone can help me, I've got a powerbook 1ghz 15" with a strange brightness problem
that's just started. The powerbook starts up fine, but once loads up desktop the screen seems very low brightness wise on the 15" screen. If you adjust the brightness via the F1 & F2 keys
or via the brightness system prefs the screen goes so black you can hardly see the desktop.
So bascially once the brightness is change the screen goes black, the only way to get the screen lit up again to to either sleep the computer and change back to the brightness setting
when the mac first booted up or restart the powerbook.

From advice from various sources, I was told it was prob them inverter board causing the problem. But I've since replaced with new replacement inverter board and am still getting the same results as before with the brightness and black screen.

Would be greatful of any help anyone can give me?