Connie, my 8600 PM

Connie, as I have lovingly named my PM 8600/300, has a few upgrades. Because I can (my mantra), I am documenting in this blog, what has been done and what is planned or in process.=https:>

**This post is a work in progress and is being updated as I record correct specs and change hardware.**


Type : 8600/300 PowerMac

Processor : 500MHz (Sonnet G3 upgrade)

OS : OS 9.1

RAM : 512 MB

VRAM : ?? MB

Floppy : Yes


#|----------- PCI Cards -----------|----------- Notes -----------
1|IxMicro Twin Turbo 128-3D video card|~ VRAM unknown ATT
2|Sonnet Tempo Trio|
3|Belkin PCMCIA Cardbus to PCI Interface card|~ driver not installed???
#|----- Monitor -----|----- Connection -----|----- Notes -----
1|14" Apple Display|uses 8600's native video port|Resolution is 640x480/Color is Millions (Max)
2|(unused)|uses PCI video card|...
3|(unused)|uses PCI video card|...
4|(unused)|uses 8600's RCA outputs|...
ID|- - - SCSI Bus 0 - - -|- Location -|- Notes -
2|Zip 100|bay below floppy|...
3|CD ROM|bay below Zip 100|...
4|4GB HD|between the PSU and the CD and DVD drives|"Mars"
5|9GB HD|drive bracket above PSU|"Connie" (boot drive)
6|18GB HD|sandwiched between floppy and Zip 100|"Neptune"
ID|- - - SCSI Bus 1 - - -|- Location -|- Notes -
0|2GB HD|awaiting installation|"Mercury" Needs means of securing and needs power connector.
ID|----- Sonnet Tempo Trio -----|- Location -|- Notes -
 |- - - ATA Bus 1 (SCSI Bus 2) - - -| | 
M|6GB HD|screwed into bracket in bottom of case|"Venus"
S|200GB HD (128 MB Volume)|screwed into bracket in bottom of case|"Saturn"
 |- - - ATA Bus 2 (SCSI Bus 2) - - -| | 
S|DVD RW|bay below CD ROM (bottom bay)| <*>BENQ DW1620 <*>need CD bezel for 8x00 - will need minor modification due to width of tray door)


================================ Fun Notes ================================

1. Named drives after major planets in our system.

2. 1 TB USB drive attached via Tempo Trio card (named "Jupiter")

3. Thumb drives attached are named after minor planets, including "Ceres", "Haumea" and "Pluto"

4. "Mercury" is not installed yet but may come later if I get a power splitter and feel like risking it - all power points are taken at this time.

5. Scanner needs a place on desk.

6. Epson Stylus 850 Ne needs place on desk.

7. Newton is still running strong and waiting to be synched for MadMax/iTunes...


================================ Issues ===================================<

1. Speakable Items is not working - tried everything I know to try...

2. Not able to get system to recognize WiFi card inserted into Belkin CardBus adapter.

3. Case seems to be cool and have decent enough air flow ATT. No noticed power issues with all the hardware currently installed.

4. Need to hook up second CRT and see if it is good.

5. Need to see if third CRT (with bad power switch, now hardwired to be "on") will ever resolve synch issue. May actually chuck this thing.