iPod Mini Mod Screen and HD

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iPod Mini Mod Screen and HD

I have an iPod Mini and I was wondering can I take a bigger drive from like a Nano and put it in mine, and then use a color screen in place of the one already in place ?

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ipod mod

Not possible for 2 reasons:
- the ipod mini has a harddrive (separate device) as storage and the ipod nano has flash memory as storage (soldered to the logic board) It might be possible to buy a hard drive that fits, but I'd rather buy a big nano and put the mini on ebay.
- the ipod mini has a black and white lcd, the nano a color lcd, 2 complete different screens with 2 complete different ways to drive them... (even different resolutions and maybee physical size if I'm correct)


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You can swap out the Microdri

You can swap out the Microdrive for a CompactFlash card, but doing so is prohibitively expensive.

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You can replace your mini's b

You can replace your mini's black and white screen with a color one, and with solid-state flash memory - and you can make your mini thinner in the process, and it all costs only $100-$150. All you have to do is buy one of the previous generation nanos from Apple's "Special Deals"/refurb page on its online store, and then git rid of the mini.


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