Who wants a copy of COSMIC OSMO

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Who wants a copy of COSMIC OSMO

AKA the greatest game ever!

I just bought a copy of Cosmic Osmo in CD form for an absurdly large amount of money. Because I know everybody wants this (or at least they should), I want to share it with everybody. Gimmie $10 and I will burn you a copy of Cosmic Osmo.

I'm not out to make a profit. That would be immoral (not to mention exponentially increases my odds of getting sued)

After I share enough $10 CDs so that my own cost is at an equal and oh-so-fair $10, I will give all future surplus money to...

a) A check to Cyan


b) The Salvation Army

What do you guys think, a or b?

If I get sued, I can use it as a great story to help get a job with McKinsey or something... awesome!

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Selling copies of copyrighted

Selling copies of copyrighted software isn't only against the Aplefritter AUP, but it's illegal. Thread closed.

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