MacCon for SE Ethernet Card

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MacCon for SE Ethernet Card

I snagged a MacCon for SE ethernet card on ebay. Unfortunately it didn't come with the daughter card. Has anyone been in the same situation and constructed their own? Anybody have a pinout for the daughter board connector?

I haven't had much luck in even determining what is the exact card I have. Silkscreened on the board is "MacCon FOR SE Rev C." The part number is 09-00300-51. There is a sticker on one of the chips that reads "ASANTE-SE U7-A 000094-052E49". The kind folks over at 68kmla said there are 3 Asante ethernet cards for the SE, the MacCon+ SEET, MacCon+ SEE and MacCon3 for SE. None of the part numbers match mine, nor can I find a matching part number on Asante's website.

Can anyone confirm the identity of this card? Were all the daughter cards for the MacCon series the same?